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Which computer should you buy??

The task of purchasing a computer may seem overwhelming. So many vendors. So many salespeople telling you what you should want. A handheld, A laptop, A desktop, 2.4Ghz (What's "Ghz" anyway and why is it important?) 256MB of RAM, Windows Me, WindowsXP. So many choices!. But what do you really need??

Nowadays the real cost of the computer is not just the upfront purchase price but the costs of maintaining, upgrading and using it! The software you buy will often times exceed the price of the computer. Don't be fooled by low PC prices. The aggravation created by "Budget" PCs can cost you $$$ in the long run. You don't have to spend top dollar but you should know what you are getting for your money, don't you think?

As part of our System Management Services, we can help.

At Software Wizards, we don't sell computers. We have no vested interest in which brand you choose and what configuration you ultimately decide upon. We want you to have a computer that meets your needs, is reliable, and has the tech support you need.

No surveys to fill out. No web forms to complete. Just talk with us. After our discussion, based on your needs, we will get back to you with our recommendation. A specific model from a specific vendor.

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